Open Studio #1 – Miscellaneous maps

Held on the occasion of the mid-point of my stay at Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris. Before the studio shuffle (Power Institute > AGNSW), I took the opportunity to show some of the other residents a collection of ten maps – coloured pencil drawings – I made recently for an exhibition in Nantes, Mind the Map. These were commissioned by Austrian group Time’s Up, to form part of an interactive screen component illustrating a spectrum of possible futures – in the first map, national borders are completely closed, in the following ones they become more open, until in the last they completely disappear. Given the current stretching of border ideologies going on around Europe right now, it’s a *timelyshow…


Also out for perusal were miscellaneous maps and publications I’ve collected since arriving (including a handy just-published book of French conjugations especially for verbs relating to migration), some Plan Bienen works brought over from Berlin, and a micro-exhibition of Collective Disaster‘s ‘Temple of Holy Shit’ terra preta (left behind by Valentina Karga).

spread table



We shared some tea and scones as well.



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